Art Installation at the 2013 Cleveland Ingenuityfest – Sept. 20 – 22, 2013

Cover of Cleveland Plain Dealer Friday Magazine September 20, 2013

My artwork ‘Three Comma One’ on cover of Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper Friday Section, September 20, 2013

2013 Cleveland Ingenuityfest - Andrew Reach art Installation

My architectural background comes into the work “Seven Model Citizens”.  Within a vocabulary of symbols suggestive of computer code, seven anthropomorphic architectonic constructions are lined up, at once symbolizing individuality and rigid conformity. The blocky formed monoliths conform to a grid where they must reside, yet, each is still unique. The antenna appendage on their heads represents the untethered power we now possess to be connected with smart phones and Wi-Fi.

ingenuityfest_installation-model2Model Citizen, 2013
Assembled 3d Prints


In the artwork, the model citizens are represented as flattened and two dimensional but each lives in another 3D world. One of them rendered with 3d printing technology was on display.


The works “Three Comma One” & “Restricted Propulsion” (right to left) represent my left brain and right brain, on a collision course with each other. Grids and symbols, numbers and letters alluding to architectural and engineering drawings (from my left brain) coexist with colorful geometric abstraction (from my right brain).




The word Reformabit is latin to transform or reshape. The works “Reformabit 1” and “Reformabit 2” are  studies of relationships of geometric parts all working in harmony to make a dynamic system. They suggest a vocabulary of abstracted engineering drawings. These constructions are also about energy and movement. Again, these works represent a meeting of the two sides of my brain, a balancing act of engineering and creativity.

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  1. Such wonderful walls of art. Gary and I really enjoyed the right brain/left brain pieces. Someday Andrew, I will own one of your brilliant works. Thank you.

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