Award for Best of Show in for the Inter Society Color Council Exhibition COMPLETELY COLOR: Color and Human Experience as part of the society’s Color Impact 2023 World Conference at Rochester Institute of Technology.

I’m humbled and honored to receive Best of Show Professional Division for my work QUADRAMID V in the exhibition COMPLETELY COLOR: Color and Human Experience as part of the society’s Color Impact 2023 World Conference at Rochester Institute of Technology, June 11 – 15, 2023. Attendees from around the world and from across the spectrum of color professions including Science, Industry, Education and Art & Design gathered for this 5 day conference with keynotes, thought-provoking presentations, hands-on workshops, short courses, field trips, an art exhibition and more.

It wasn’t mandatory but artists in the exhibition were asked to produce a short video statement of which some would be selected to be shown at the conference. I found out that my video was shown as the closeout to the conference and the words in my statement were singled out as part of the decision for my award (see video statement below).

The Inter-Society Color Council advances the knowledge of color as it relates to art, science, industry and design. Each of these fields enriches the others, furthering the general objective of color education.


Inter Society Color Council COMPLETELY COLOR: Color and Human Experience online Exhibition on YouTube. My Statement begins at 8:15

Art Exhibition – Maria Neil Art Project Turns 10 Show

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uv cured inkjet on cnc cut acrylic and composite aluminum, 13.8″h x 15″w, edition of 3
pictured on top row (left to right): Liz Maugans, Andrew Reach, Jen Craun
pictured on bottom row: Amy Casey, Timothy Callaghan, Dan Miller

Maria Neil Art Project – A project by John Farina and Adam Tully celebrates their 10th Anniversary with a show that opened last night. They have been a special presence in the Cleveland art community over the years with their collecting and patronage of the areas artists and with MNAP bringing their love of the arts to the public. They asked the artists who exhibited in their exhibitions to submit a small work. My work is in great company with the wonderful other artists work.

I was honored when they asked me to have a solo exhibition in 2015. My show with them titled BITS IN PIECES included among the 20 plus digital prints something new for me, 3d printed sculptures titled MODEL CITIZENS. As part of their mission, they encourage artists to flex their muscles and bring something special hence the word “Project” in the name. The challenge led me to producing my first 3d work since my architecture career ended in 2004. I am again working in 3d on a 3d printed piece for the upcoming show “W/O Limits” at the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve.

For the 10th Anniversary show, I created this small work, CIRCULUX REDUX, uv cured inkjet on cnc cut acrylic, 15″ x 13.8″. A child of the 60s, the analog days, I played 45 rpm records. Arranged at the corner points of a hexagon, the central elements are a nod to those plastic adapters you put on the spindle to play 45 rpms.
15517 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, OH 44110
Opening Reception: Friday, June 3rd 5:00-8:00p.m.On view through July 2022. Hours by appointment only. Please send an email to schedule an appointment.

My Husband and I Surprised When My Sun Suddenly Appeared While Watching CBS Sunday Morning Broadcast January 9, 2022 About TikTok Star Adam Waheed and Other Comedians

My husband Bruce and I were watching the show CBS Sunday Morning (January 9), as we often do and suddenly, totally surprised, there it was, my “Eye Sun” flashing on the screen for just a couple of seconds after a segment about TikTok. The segment was about the rise of comedians on TikTok including the comedian star Adam Waheed with over 15 million TikTok followers and comedians Harry Leibow, Sarah Barnitt and Sam Ramsdell.

Another one of my suns appeared on the show 3 times in the past. Jessica Frank, the CBS “Sun Queen” had emailed me the day before on Saturday that another sun I had submitted was going to air but I didn’t look my emails on Saturday, hence it was a surprise. We’re glad we didn’t know in advance as it’s surprise lifted our spirits. Something we needed.

Eye Sun
Screenshot on CBS News Online of my Eye Sun that was shown on the Broadcast on January 9, 2022. It appeared after a segment about TikTok

See these earlier posts about my other sun that aired multiple times on CBS Sunday Morning.

New Artwork – HASH MASH I – uv cured inkjet on cnc cut acrylic

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uv cured inkjet on cnc cut acrylic mounted to composite aluminum
50.25″h x 48″w, edition of 3

Individually, we have in our possession the most powerful technology humankind has ever seen, the smartphone. Historically, we live in our homes, work in offices and go places for recreation and to interact with family and friends. Being in these physical locations gives us a sense of place, of history. But more and more we find ourselves not so much in a physical location interacting with the world in real time, but in a virtual place, with our phones navigating our psyches. And social media has overwhelmingly become the facilitator of this new journey we are collectively traveling in. In its path, language is being reduced, with symbols replacing words and abbreviations replacing sentences. The hash symbol has become the symbol most representing the zeitgeist in this new terrain. When we publish a hashtag, were attaching metadata that links us to the world. We become searchable. We can be found.

Where our data is, we are.