Twenty Kites

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Twenty Kites, 2020
uv cured ink on cut-out composite aluminum panel mounted on wall mounted spindle
Panel can be turned both clockwise and counter clockwise.
dimensions variable (62″ x 62″ overall), edition of 3
This is position number 1. See the seven additional positions below. With each 45 degree rotation, the location of the colored kites changes as well as the orientation of the kites. Each position is its own composition.

Twenty Kites is an arrangement of the harmonics between the exponentially diminishing grouping of 4 sets of 5 kites making its way towards the center.
Detail showing wall mounted spindle and attachment to artwork
Detail of spindle wall mounting plate


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Astralocis (black & white), 2020
uv inkjet to shaped composite acrylic/aluminum
edition of 3, dimensions variable, overall 30″ x 30″

This work is being printed and fabricated with funding from a 2019 Artists With Disabilities Access Grant (ADAP) from the Ohio Arts Council.

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