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uv cured inkjet on cut-out acrylic
44″ x 44″, edition of 3

Colors ebb and flow in a geometric lattice of oblong shapes connected by diamonds. For me it’s a meditative abstraction on the kinetic nature of being alive and being one with the ebb and flow of nature.

One Asterisk I

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One Asterisk I, 2020
uv cured inkjet on shaped/cut-out aluminum panel
dimensions vary (44hw x 48″w overall), edition of 3

Here I celebrate the underestimated asterisk. The iconography of the Asterisk is deeply embedded in the human psyche. The symbol of the asterisk, ubiquitous today, used in computer language and mathematics has ancient roots going back to pre-history in cave paintings by ice age humans. The word Asteriskos in greek means “little star”. Used in language to correct defects, the first known use is by the Greek scholar of Homeric poetry, Aristarchus of Samothrace, to mark duplicate lines in written text. In todays language it is used to tone down expletives, a common example being f**k. ⁠

New Artwork – Quadratadot II

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Quadratadot II, 2020
assemblage: uv cured inkjet on cut-out shaped acrylic panel & raised acrylic squares and dots
edition of 3, dimensions variable (48″ x 48″ overall)

The construct of squares and diamonds have a “wiggle” that suggests vibration and movement. My geometric constructs are all about kinetic expression providing me a geometric language to be in motion and live outside the constriction and pain that is my constant companion.