New Artwork – Octo Astra II

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Octo Astra II, 2020
uv cured inkjet on cut-out composite aluminum
edition of 3, dimensions variable (overall dimension 48″ x 48″)

This work is inspired by Islamic art in my own modern way. It is constructed with nine rings of eight Khatim-Sulayman stars. Khatim-Sulayman stars are eight pointed stars that first began to appear in Islamic art in the middle ages. Khatim-Sulayan means “seal of the prophets” and are known to denote life, from birth to death. The eight pointed stars would continue to appear symbolically in spiritual traditions in many cultures around the world through history.

Here, each star is constructed with eight kites. When put together, the eight kites inscribe another eight pointed star in its center. Inscribed within this ring of eight, eight pointed stars, is a large eight pointed star with an octagon at its center. Also, inscribed in the interstitial spaces between the nine rings are four more large eight pointed stars and octagons.

New Artwork – Octochrome

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Octochrome, 2020
uv cured inkjet on cut-out composite acrylic/aluminum
24″ x 24″, edition of 3

Comprising an outer ring of eight, eight pointed stars, each star is made of eight kites. Then inscribed within this ring is eight arrows that inscribe another central eight pointed star comprised of kites. Inscribed inside the central star are eight isosceles triangles, culminating in a central octagon.