Radial Reductions: Spinning into Bliss

My circles come alive in this series of 20 radial spinning constructions distilled from a personal methodology of kinetic dynamism. Each Radial Reduction allows me to experience freedom and move kinetically through my art, much like the Sufi Whirling Dervishes whose spinning dances bring them closer to spiritual bliss.

The series comprises 20 different designs (view virtual catalog below to see enlarged views of them all).


Radial Reductions Virtual Catalog

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10 Replies to “Radial Reductions: Spinning into Bliss”

  1. Andy ~ These are fabulous, fabulous. I think that the one “Untitled” should be called Karen’s Brain because it resembled my MRI ;~)

    So happy and proud that you continue to develop into the most marvelous artist. We love you and Bruce so much.

    Big hugs ~ Karen, Jimi, Julie and our new little kitty Leo (who’s going to be a big, big boy), and Smokey.

  2. Wonderful Andrew! They are so vibrant and exciting! They look like spinning pin wheels. They are indeed alive and free! You are amazing! Chris

  3. Amazing, transformational work–as ever!
    Having whirled around myself in dervish style, I totally get how you kinetically move the art into and out of your brain. July and August calendar pages right there as well.
    love and blessings

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