Reachesfar Takes Off

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For those of you who have followed my art and my website, I thank you. And for those who have come to my site for the first time through this blog, I invite you to explore my art in my galleries and to read my info pages. I hope it offers some illumination to the wonders that digital art has given me and many others working in this relatively new medium.
For me, digital technology has been instrumental in helping me transition from being an Architect to an Artist. But it has also done much more. It has given me a second chance at gaining a new perspective and appreciation of life after a disability left me in a place where I thought my days of expressing myself creatively were over.
I’ve watched in wonder as my life partner Bruce Baumwoll, started his own blog, Edgemere – Far Rockaway Archives, and how it motivated him to dig into his own life history and of  his favorite place growing up as a child, Edgemere (Far Rockaway), Long Island. It started there but he has gone even further. All the way across the ocean to Warsaw Poland where he has discovered his rich heritage, to his eclectic interests including movie memorabilia and paper ephemera, with a wide variety of content, most notably his original videos.  And so, I enter the fray of the blogosphere through his inspiration.
I call my blog Reachesfar because that is what I hope it will help me to do. It will be about a wide variety of things I feel passionate about, including bringing awareness to the world of the healing arts, especially the role it has played in helping the disabled and showcasing artists using digital technology, moving the art form  forward. And of course traditional art is still a love of mine, and I’ll be sharing the work of those artists that move me, as well.

So get ready to Take Off! Here we Go!

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  1. Any endevour that brings light to your unique perspective is destined to succeed!…Soar Andrew!

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