HASH SIGNS RHOMBOHEDRON – I: CNC Cut-out Print on Acrylic

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(orthographic projection view from a 3d model)
uv cured inkjet on cnc cut acrylic/composite alum, mtd. 2″ off wall
dimensions variable (38″h x60″w overall), edition of 3

My 3d explorations of the Hash symbol began with the realization that if you inscribed a hash symbol, you would get a Rhombus, that is both pairs of opposite sides are parallel and the same length. So when Megan Alves, Artists Archives Marketing and Program Manager asked me if I wanted to do a 3d printed tactile touchable artwork for the exhibition W/O Limits, I was honored and I immediately knew it would be the hash symbol I would make. So, I went back to its shape, a rhombus and realized that when putting together 6 of these in cubic form it makes a Rhombohedron. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhombohedron The rhombohedron would become the building block of the sculpture. My Hash Symbol Monument would follow.

So that brings me to this artwork. Utilizing two 3d programs, Moment of Inspiration (MOI) for the 3d modeling, and Blender for visualization and rendering, I have found these to open up new avenues of expression in 2d. I can take a 3d model and have unlimited viewpoints and lighting to play with. This piece is an orthographic projection where lines are parallelly projected as opposed to a perspective view with vanishing points.

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Types of Cuboids from Wikipedia page on Cuboids
Rhombohedron shown on right
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