Video – UV Curing Inkjet Printing of Hexalarious II

EFI VUTEk GS3250 LX uv curing inkjet printer, printing Hexalarious II on dibond composite aluminum panel.

Printed on a rigid substrate, dibond composite aluminum panel, it will next be cut-out on a cnc router. All the white areas will be cut away. Aluminum stand-offs will be put behind to hang and float off a wall.

Printing on rigid substrates opens up a new avenue of exploration in my work by allowing my geometric constructs to expand beyond the confines of square and rectangular formats with use of a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router that can cut the substrate panel to my specifications.

I want to thank Kim and Scott and the rest of the team at Vista Color Imaging. They have been great to work with, taking extra care to ensure a great final print. The video was provided by Vista Color Imaging.

Fabrication of this artwork is made possible with an ADAP grant from the Ohio Arts Council.

Per the Ohio Arts Council ArtsOhio Blog:

ADAP (Artists With Disabilities Access Program) provides funding that gives individual artists with disabilities—and organizations that serve them—the resources they need to further their artistic development. ADAP awards help artists with disabilities advance their artistic practices, making Ohio a more accessible and inclusive place to build an artistic career

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