Art Using the Symbol Unicode Standard U+1F7BA Extremely Heavy Six Spoked Asterisk

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These artworks are an exploration of geometric abstraction utilizing symbols, in this piece a specific asterisk from the Unicode Standard. Into this form, I’m weaving color and bold black and whites to optically energize the multi-layered asterisk composition. The symbol used in these is the Unicode Standard U+1F7BA, the designation given to the symbol given the name “Extremely Heavy Six Spoked Asterisk”. The Unicode Standard designates all symbols, giving them coding data that can be uniformly used in technology internationally. U+1F7BA is distinguished from other asterisks in the Unicode Standard by the thickness of its spokes versus more delicate asterisks in the code. Transforming this symbol from something of use in computer code, language, telecommunications and mathematics into the realm of geometric object is an expression of technology transformed to an aesthetic that speaks to our technological times.

uv cured inkjet on cnc cut acrylic mounted to composite aluminum panel
dimensions variable 54.5″h x 41.75″w, edition of 3
uv cured inkjet on cnc cut shaped acrylic – mounted on composite aluminum
dimensions variable (48″h x 43.25″w overall), edition of 3

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