In Honor of John Lewis – GOOD TROUBLE

In Honor of John Lewis. His life made a difference in incalculable ways. Not only fighting for equality for African Americans but for all the marginalized communities. As a gay man I am also thankful of his advocacy for equality of the LGBTQ community.

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New Artwork – Isosceles Follies I

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Isosceles Follies I , 2020
uv cured inkjet on shaped composite aluminum panel
edition of 3
dimensions variable (overall 48″ x 48″)

“Isosceles Follies I” is composed solely of these two isosceles triangles.

From Euclid’s Elements – Book I – definition XX:

Of trilateral figures, an equilateral triangle is that which has its three sides equal, an isosceles triangle that which has two of its sides alone equal, and a scalene triangle that which has its three sides unequal.

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