New Creative Process – 3D Derivatives – Creating 2D CNC Cut Out Prints From 3D Models

UPDATE: Click here to QUADRABAR I, the first of the artworks derived from this 3D model

Screencast of Fly Around of 3D Model

I’ve been working on a new piece in 3d in Blender. Made up of multi-colored cubes intersected with multi-colored bars, the cubes step up and down, forming a kind of undulating geography. Here’s a short fly around screen cast of it.

I’m using this 3d medium as a new way to make 2d prints. This is a new artistic process for me I’m calling 3d Derivatives. When I made a 3d printed Hash sign for the recent W/O Limits exhibition at the Artists Archives, I first did renders of it to study the form. A lightbulb went off in my head and I realized I could take these renders, export them out and transform them into 2d cnc cut-out prints. Here’s an example: ESCAPE HASH II – CNC Cut-Out Print on Acrylic

My next step with this piece is to study renders with different light sources at different inclinations to cast realistic shadows across the forms. I can set up camera views looking at the forms in multiple ways; from the top, the sides, at angles, rotated etc. In addition to this, I can view it in perspective or orthographically. With the right views and lighting, I’ll be able to do high resolution renders and export them out to be printed on acrylic and cut out on a cnc router. Stay tuned for 2d artworks derived from this 3d model to come.

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