Exhibition at Summa Health Healing Arts Gallery – Navigating the Pandemic: An Artist’s Perspective

Embracing the healing arts in new patient tower

From the Summa Health Website:
“The new patient tower on the Summa Health System — Akron Campus embraces Summa’s commitment to promoting a healthcare environment that surrounds and connects patients, visitors and staff with the healing powers of the arts.”

Incorporated into the building is the Healing Arts Gallery and ongoing exhibitions will feature work by the artists in the Healing Arts Collection where artworks by 53 artists with ties to Northeast Ohio are placed throughout the building, myself being among them.

About this Exhibition

The second exhibition in the Summa Gallery features Lee Heinen, Diane PribojanAndrew ReachNancy and Ned Seibert and Maria Zanetta.

“Navigating the Pandemic” showcases the distinctive perspectives of local artists during an unprecedented time of social distancing and isolation. These selections by five artists in our Healing Arts Collection explore the impact of COVID-19 on an artist’s practice, reflecting the influence of the pandemic on the human psyche. Through the diverse use of mediums, scale and subject matter, each artist takes viewers on a journey of self-discovery through an unforgettable time in our history.

Because of Covid-19, with the gallery being located within the hospital, the gallery is not currently open to the general public. The feedback from those in the hospital has been very positive, providing a place of respite and lifting spirits to patients, doctors, nurses and staff during these difficult times.

All works of art are for sale. To purchase a piece of art,
email foundation@summahealth.org or call 330.375.3159.
Special Thanks to Meg Harris Stanton for curating and organizing the exhibition and Kim Kwiat and team at Vista Color Imaging for printing and fabricating of the artworks.

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Work by  Andrew Reach
On right: Work by  Andrew Reach

Below are my five artworks in the exhibition
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Quadrataluxe II
uv cured inkjet on cut-out composite aluminum
edition of 3, dimensions variable (44″ x 44″ overall)
Forty Kites
uv cured inkjet on composite aluminum
edition of 3, 44″ x 44″
Field I
uv cured inkjet on cut-out composite aluminum
edition of 3, 44″ x 44″
Circuli Moderne II
uv cured inkjet on cut-out composite aluminum
edition of 3, dimensions variable (38″h x 44″w overall)
Hexalarious II
uv cured inkjet on composite aluminum
edition of 3, dimensions variable (48″ x 48″ overall)

Andrew Reach Exhibition Statement

These works are Euclidean geometric abstractions where vibrant color infuses energetically optical geometric constructions. My creative process is challenged as I consider the material and the ability to shape by cutting uv cured inkjet prints on composite aluminum.

What I hope to express to the audience viewing them is a sensory experience of optical joyfulness and their constructs become a visual language for me to express energy, movement and freedom.

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has unexpectedly heightened my creativity. Disabled from a spine disease, pain is my constant companion and treatments I received on a regular basis were temporarily cancelled. The challenges I face every day with coping got harder as episodes of even greater debilitating pain and immobility ensued. Anxiety and fear of the pandemic added to these challenges. Creating art is therapeutic, now during the pandemic than ever. When technology, intellect and imagination come together in just the right way, I feel an indescribable sense of well-being and for moments, I am taken away from all the worries and stresses of the unprecedented times we live in and am lifted from physical restraint to unlimited spiritual potentiality.

The Other Artists in the Exhibition

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Work by  Lee Heinen
Work by Diane Pribojan
Work by Nancy and Ned Seibert
work by Maria Zanetta

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