Animation of ASTRADOME and Stills of the Animation

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Continuing my exploration of the Asterisk symbol in 3D, I’ve envisioned a dome with asterisks as flowers with a bud like form sprouting out of them. The asterisks are supported by a geodesic dome structure.

The animation begins with the geodesic structure and then the flowers begin to bloom on it. When I create 3d structures there’s always little surprises when the time comes to render them. They come alive when I add a virtual sun as the light source. Light not only illuminates color but also form, as the shadows cast reveal the shape and depths of all the parts. In this animation, I enter inside the dome and was delighted to see intricate shadows cast by the sun shining through on the ground plane.

Below are a few snap shot stills from the animation. The first image shows the geodesic dome with the first flower. As the animation progresses the flowers all bloom on the dome.

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