Let’s Get Digital: Exhibition at Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery, Columbus Ohio, Curated by Alexandra Nicholis Coon, executive director of the Massillon Museum

I’m pleased to announce the opening of Let’s Get Digital Exhibition including four works by me and works by 14 other Ohio Artists working in different ways with digital media.
Artists in the show include (hometown noted): Janet Ballweg (Bowling Green), Jerry Birchfield (Cleveland), John Branham (Massillon), Kimberly Burleigh (Cincinnati), Guy Michael Davis (Cincinnati), Nicholas Economos (Cleveland), Ronald Geibert (Beavercreek), Brian Harnetty (Columbus), Dan Hernandez (Maumee), Janice Lessman-Moss (Kent), Katie Parker (Cincinnati), Joshua Penrose (Columbus), Andrew Reach (Cleveland), Michele Waalkes (Canton) and Gina Washington (Cleveland).
I’d like to extend a special thanks to Alex Coon for selecting me to be included in this exhibition and for her support of artists working in digital media. Also, thank you to Mary Gray, director of the Riffe Gallery and to the Ohio Arts Council for making it all possible.
From the Press Release of the Riffe Gallery:
The Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery will present “Let’s Get Digital” from May 3 – July 8, 2012. Curated by Alexandra Nicholis Coon, executive director of the Massillon Museum, “Let’s Get Digital” demonstrates the endless opportunities digital technology offers to the world of art. Whether it be the tool, product, or subject of their artwork, all artists in this exhibition were selected based on their innovative applications of digital technology. To the 15 artists represented in this show, digital technology serves as an avenue for exploring new ideas and relationships that are not possible with traditional media. 

screen shot from Arts in Ohio homepage
pictured: Detail of “A Fisherman’s Net Strung by the Constellations” by Andrew Reach
Archival Digital Pigment Print on Canvas, 54 x 93.75 inches

A Story of Love: My life partner Bruce Baumwoll’s First Chapter of Our Love and Our Beloved Pets


Andrew is taking photos of me. I had become one of Andrew’s subjects for his creativity since we met. He was studying at Pratt institute toward his architecture degree.  In the 32 years that I (Bruce Baumwoll) and Andrew Reach have been together we have saved 54 animals from the streets of the cities we’ve lived in.  At this point we are not sure who saved whom, for without these animals we surely would not have ended up in the places we have come to. This is their story and ours. READ MORE….

Jared Aronson’s Madhouse Tees

Jarod Aronson is an inspiring artist with muscular dystrophy but his disability doesn’t stop him from running his own business selling his humorous t-shirts featuring his original digital artwork created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop that conveys his unique sense of humor and point of view that is about living life to it’s fullest. He first created art the traditional way drawing by hand with pencils and pens but as the disease progressed and he couldn’t any longer, he began using digital technology, drawing with a mouse. Then, the ability to use a mouse wasn’t possible until he figured out how to use a track ball. There’s a great article, I highly recommend, that delves into more detail about his life and artistic process; Jared Aronson’s Story – an Amazing Young Man with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy on Disabled and Productive.
His website about page states:
Jared Aronson, the designer of all Madhouse Tees, was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy at four-years-old. Though confined to a wheelchair and on a ventilator he continues to design and run Madhouse Tees. The passion Jared has for his company and product is fueled by his love for laughter and making others laugh too. Jared also wishes to educate the world about physical limitations by saying, “Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you don’t have creativity and passion.
Check out Jared’s tee shirts on his cool website www.madhousetees.com and pick up a few tees just in time for holiday gifts.


Reachesfar Takes Off

[image border=”true” size=”huge” shadow=”true”]https://y9g234.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/gallery/2007-gallery/adayattheraces-x.jpg[/image]
For those of you who have followed my art and my website, I thank you. And for those who have come to my site for the first time through this blog, I invite you to explore my art in my galleries and to read my info pages. I hope it offers some illumination to the wonders that digital art has given me and many others working in this relatively new medium.
For me, digital technology has been instrumental in helping me transition from being an Architect to an Artist. But it has also done much more. It has given me a second chance at gaining a new perspective and appreciation of life after a disability left me in a place where I thought my days of expressing myself creatively were over.
I’ve watched in wonder as my life partner Bruce Baumwoll, started his own blog, Edgemere – Far Rockaway Archives, and how it motivated him to dig into his own life history and of  his favorite place growing up as a child, Edgemere (Far Rockaway), Long Island. It started there but he has gone even further. All the way across the ocean to Warsaw Poland where he has discovered his rich heritage, to his eclectic interests including movie memorabilia and paper ephemera, with a wide variety of content, most notably his original videos.  And so, I enter the fray of the blogosphere through his inspiration.
I call my blog Reachesfar because that is what I hope it will help me to do. It will be about a wide variety of things I feel passionate about, including bringing awareness to the world of the healing arts, especially the role it has played in helping the disabled and showcasing artists using digital technology, moving the art form  forward. And of course traditional art is still a love of mine, and I’ll be sharing the work of those artists that move me, as well.

So get ready to Take Off! Here we Go!