American Splendor – The Art of Gary Dumm & Laura Dumm

The husband & wife dynamic duo, the great Cleveland artists Gary and Laura Dumm each have their own unique style and often collaborate with each other.

Laura is a painter, using vibrant color along with a kaleidoscope of patterns, she has developed her unique modernist approach, with ambidextrous ease, distilling forms whether they be of people, plants and fauna or animals to their essence. Her favorite subject matter is cats. Her art is completely original and takes to wonderful places.

Gary Dumm is a prolific creator of comics. He writes and illustrates many of his own titles. He also collaborates, illustrating comics for other writers. His imagination has no limits, easily traveling back and forth with an irreverent sense of humor from the mundane to the fantastic to the humorous grotesque and everywhere in between.

An excerpt from Wikipedia says about Gary:
Gary Dumm (b. c. 1949)[1] is an Ohio-based comic book artist known particularly for his work illustrating the comics of Harvey Pekar. From 1977 until Pekar’s 2010 death, he worked on Pekar’s autobiographical comic series, American Splendor, where he appeared alongside such notable comics artists as Robert Crumb, Joe Sacco, and Gerry Shamray. Much of Dumm’s work on American Splendor was as an inker, embellishing the pencils of Greg Budgett and Joe Zabel. (Dumm has also inked Zabel in other venues, including Caliber’s Dancing With Your Eyes Closed, Fantagraphics’ Real Stuff, and Zabel’s own title The Trespassers.) Dumm collaborated with Pekar as the primary artist on two full-length books, Ego & Hubris: The Michael Malice Story, and Students for a Democratic Society: A Graphic History.

visit Laura and Gary’s website to explore more of their art:

The day we went over to Laura and Gary’s house. Bruce and I had a wonderful time.

Bruce Baumwoll, Laura Dumm, Andrew Reach, Gary Dumm

AndrewReach  & Laura Dumm

Gary Dumm, Andrew Reach, Laura Dumm, Bruce Baumwoll

Gary Dumm, Andrew Reach, Laura Dumm, Bruce Baumwoll

Laura & Gary Dumm

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I can’t believe it’s been almost seven years since my art was first written about. As I continue to archive and organize, I realized I was not taking full advantage of all the tools that have come online to archive my work. So with that in mind, I’ve created this virtual interactive publication. It catalogs what has appeared in print and online about me and my art  and self published work, from 2005 when I had my first solo exhibition, to the present. Each entry has an “eye” icon that links to the original online content. Among the newspapers and websites that have written about me are The Miami New Times, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Columbus Dispatch,, Art Digital Magazine, Seven Days Vermont, New York Hall of Science, Art & Sciences Collaborative,, Voice of America, The Frost Art Museum and

This is an evolving publication and new entries will be added as new online content about my work is published. Click here to see publication.

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