Sending My Art Into Outer Space

NASA has asked the public to submit artwork to ride on a spacecraft whose destination is an asteroid. The website dedicated to this project says:

We are all explorers in our own way. Whether it’s an expedition to a distant asteroid, meticulous research revealing the inner workings of a tiny cell, or the creation of a moving song or poem, exploration is the essence of our human spirit.

As we prepare for launch, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx team invites you to ponder the big questions with us:

  • What does it mean to be an explorer like OSIRIS-REx?
  • What might this mission teach us about ourselves and our universe?
  • How are we as a people stretched and deepened by explorations beyond our Earthly home?

Then, share your reflections with us—and with the universe—in a creative work that will ride aboard the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft on its journey to the asteroid Bennu.

All submissions that are posted before the deadline of March 20, 2016 and or before the server is filled up will travel to space. Click here for instructions on how to submit. Here’s my submission “I’ve A Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore”

artwork "I've A Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore"