Eighty Pieces of Eight, 2015

There are six full interlocking circles (divided into quadrants) with 2 half interlocking circles (divided into 2 quadrants) at the top and bottom;
6 + (.5 x 2 + .5 x 2) = 8 circles.
The circles overlap the adjacent circle quadrants. The color is changed at these intersections forming two football shaped pieces and two wedge shaped pieces. Each full circle has eight pieces in total. Overlaid on the two top and two bottom circles are gear like shapes in grayscale. The intersections of the gears over the intersecting quadrants form eight shaped pieces. All the shapes added up equals 80 pieces.

Pieces Of EightEighty Pieces of Eight, 2015
Epson Ultrachrome GS Print on Canvas
Edition of 3, 40 x 40 inches