In Print – Model Citizen 3d Printed Sculptures in Think Magazine

think, is the magazine of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. The new fall/winter 2015 edition is out with an article about the move of thinkbox to the Richey Mixon Building. I’m honored that my 3d printed sculptures, “Model Citizens”, were mentioned and shown on the page titled Meet Some Makers.
I created them at Thinkbox at CWRU, a special facility that has state of the art equipment in the new revolution occurring in fabrication. Just think, in the past, an idea by a student,  just stayed an idea in the head. Now the student can think it, then draw it and now make it into a physical object. Thinkbox is moving to their new location, the newly renovated Richey Mixon Building, a 7 story building which through smart adaptive re-use, re-purposed the building for a new state-of-the-art hub for bringing new ideas to life.
At Thinkbox, the main bodies of the sculptures were printed on a industrial quality 3d printer. A CNC Routing machine cut solid maple into precise shapes that fit into the main body.

Think Magazine Page 13

The other makers on the page have made amazing things; a portable tester using a single drop of blood to provide near-immediate medical information; A walker, chair and caddy all in one to help individuals with physical limitations do household duties more easily; a custom off-road mini baha vehicle built by CWRU Motorsports Baja team; Compliant Modular Mesh Worm, a robot device that mimics how a worm propels itself to navigate through tight spaces. Applications would include much better inspection and repair of piping systems.


“Model Citizens”on display April-May 2015 at University Hospitals Case Western Medical Center

3D – Printing Sculptures Produced Through Grant from the Ohio Arts Council at Case Western Reserve University Think[box]

Thanks to the Ohio Arts Council & Thinkbox Inovation Center at Case Western Reserve University for their support in making possible my mixed media sculptures “Model Citizens”. The Ohio Arts Council provided funding through a grant and Thinkbox provided their facilities, equipment and support to help make them a reality.


The following is an excerpt from article “Second Life” by Josh Usmani in Cleveland Scene Magazine, December 31, 2014, about exhibition “Bits In Pieces” at Maria Neil Art Project in the Waterloo Arts District in Cleveland:

Bits in Pieces includes Reach’s latest large-scale, geometric digital prints, smaller “whimsies” (as Reach refers to them) and new 3-D printed mixed media sculptures, called Model Citizens. “I wanted to explore ways of making sculpture digitally,” says Reach. “I’ve been enjoying the process of working with 3D printing. I’m mixing other digital fabrication technology into them; parts in wood are cut on a CNC Router that is basically a cutting robot, and the stainless steel base has its pattern laser cut on a laser cutter, another cutting robot.

“In my quest to embrace technology to have a voice, I am just beginning to embark to explore this technology in my art,” he continues. “As an architect, three-dimensional form is always in the background. Making sculptures would be too physically demanding. But when I first learned of 3-D printing it occurred to me that here was a medium that I could produce sculpture without the physicality involved, thus giving me a new avenue of creative expression.”


artwork “Seven Model Citizens” (digital print on canvas) was inspiration for 3D Model Citizens




On display at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Concept Sketches


Screenshot of Autodesk Inventor 3D Solid Modeling Software
3D rendering of virtual model
3D rendering of virtual model
3D rendering of virtual model
3D rendering of virtual model
CAD File for Stainless Steel Laser Cut Plate
3d Printers at Thinkbox
Shopbot CNC Router at Thinkbox cutting maple parts
Model Citizens being assembled