Video: Baumwoll Archives Presents -The Art & Healing World of Andrew Reach

My Husband Bruce Baumwoll created this wonderful video featuring my art and the many places it has gone to. My art is always about healing as making each work assists my mind and body with my challenges of coping with pain and mobility and this video expresses that beautifully. With access to all of my images, he curated a range of my work in different periods. The images go by fast; quick impressions building on each other. The speed and music captures the energy he sees in my art. In a way, it’s a love letter to me in video form. We’ve been together over 38 years now and I could not have created this work without his love and devotion.
After starting the video, to fully appreciate it, click the full screen button on the bottom right.

Here’s what Bruce wrote about the video:

I hope you enjoy this extraordinary experience of the art of Andrew Reach, who happens to be my husband for almost 39 years now. No matter how many times while editing it, I have watched his images, it continually takes me away from self into a world of color, shape and wonder. For those of you who are just seeing the work of Andrew Reach for the first time, he was an architect and because of a rare debilitating spine disease, became disabled and reinvented himself as an artist.

I want to share the following quote by Andrew’s late uncle James Grossman. It was written for us as a comment on Amazon when Andrew had a 2012 Calendar “Circles”.

“The very existence of this art required the intersection of time, circumstance and events beyond normal understanding. Add the needed advances in personal technology, previous education, an overwhelming medical disability, the determination of one young man to fight and create, and the love of another determined to help, that is the story of these works. And with all that, the art still overwhelms the story. Full disclosure requires stating that Andrew and Bruce are my Nephews, and that I love them.”

I invite you to see Bruce’s other videos on youtube and his blog on an eclectic range of his interests.

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Citizens Artbox – Downtown Cleveland Public Art Installation

I’m so proud that my art was selected for a public art installation located at one of the busiest intersections in downtown Cleveland at the North East corner of Euclid Avenue and East 9th Street. My work and the work of 5 other Cleveland area artists were chosen as part of the competition Citizens Artbox, held by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance in partnership with Citizens Bank. The DCA’s website says:

In connection with Step Up Downtown, DCA’s five-year vision and tactical plan to create a more connected, walkable Downtown, the goal of the Citizens ArtBox project is to enliven Downtown Cleveland by bringing local art to the street. Winning designs will decorate the utility boxes that line Euclid Avenue from Public Square to PlayhouseSquare. Up to 11 boxes will be wrapped with printed art designs from Cleveland-area artists.

CitizensArtBox-installation_01_xAbove: One side my utility box titled Model Citizens of Downtown,  located at the north east corner of East 9th Street and Euclid Avenue. The domed building in the back ground is the historic  Cleveland Trust Rotunda Building. The building has been restored and is now a very cool Heinen’s market. click here to see 360 degree views of the incredible domed space, a fine example of early 20th century neoclassical architecture.


Narrative for “Model Citizens of Downtown”ArtBox design:

For the Citizens ArtBox, I reflect the citizens of downtown Cleveland as abstract personas called “Model Citizens” beaming with civic pride for the downtown we love. The Citizens of downtown live in a beautiful, bustling robust urban environment, with a grid of streets and avenues in which open spaces connect to and lined with the buildings that house our arts, public and civic institutions, businesses, professional offices, merchants, hospitality, restaurants and more. Rows of dotted lines running horizontally behind the Model Citizens represent the streets. A grid of tick marks are an abstract reference to the downtown grid. The Model Citizens are embedded and aligned within this grid representing the connection to the urban environment we inhabit. Each model citizen is unique yet at the same time, much the same, representing that while we are all unique individuals; we all respect our differences and care for the common good. Model Citizens each have a wi-fi antenna representing that we live in a new age of modernity, connected to each other through technology in a way unprecedented in history and that with this connectivity comes responsibility; to use this new ability to connect to help one another reach our highest potential.



CitizensArtBox-installation_05_xfrom left: Andrew Reach and Bruce Baumwoll



ChrisWolnick_IAmAPartOfSomethingChris Wolnick’s design titled I Am A Part of Something
photo courtesy of Downtown Cleveland Alliance

KarenBeckwith_BikeSharingSystemsArtist Karen Beckwith and her design titled Bike Sharing Systems
photo courtesy of Downtown Cleveland Alliance

MaryBrigid_BestFriendsArtist Mary Brigid and her design titled Self Portrait, Best Friends
photo courtesy of Downtown Cleveland Alliance

AshleyPastore_PantsArtist Ashley Pastore with her design titled Pants
photo courtesy of Downtown Cleveland Alliance